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Effective Communication in Health and Social Care 2018-19

In this unit you will explore how important it is to have effective communication and the role of communication in health and social care. There are several assignments, one which is linked to your placement.

Personal Professional Development in Health and Social Care 2018-19

Initially, learners will explore factors that affect learning, then plan and monitor their personal and professional development and reflect on it. They will gain a key understanding of the health and social care sectors, including aspects of service delivery and the fundamentals of research methodology. Learners will consider their personal and professional development holistically, linking different units within their programmes and also their personal experiences.

Teacher: Laura Mullen

Caring for Children and Young People 2018-19

In this unit learners will consider the care available for children and young people who need to be looked after. They will explore the different types of care available and the roles of a range of relevant people and organisations involved in safeguarding and caring for children and young people. They will also explore the systems and procedures used to look after and safeguard children and young people when their parents are unable to do so. Learners will gain an understanding of the risks to children and young people of abusive and exploitative behaviour and the strategies used to safeguard them from this behaviour. The unit has been developed with reference to the Health and Social Care National Occupational Standards and is an important unit for all learners aiming to work in health or social care.

Teacher: Laura Mullen

Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care 2018-19

This unit will allow learners to engage in topics that will broaden the knowledge of the human body. We will explore the human cell, tissues, body systems, the role of energy and Homeostasis. Learners will be expected to complete a variety of assignments, one of which is a practical. This is a 10 credit unit, therefore learners can achieve up to a Distinction grade. All Pass and Merit criteria must be achieved in order to gain an overall Distinction.

Teacher: Laura Mullen

Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care 2018-19

At the heart of effective health and social care practice lies an understanding of the immense diversity amongst individuals in contemporary British society, and how good health and social care practice recognises and accommodates this diversity. The promotion of equality and the rights of individuals are crucial for effective health and social care service provision.

Teacher: Laura Mullen

Dementia Care 2018-19

There has been an increasing awareness of dementia and how it affects individuals and their families. The health and social care sectors have been working to develop a person-centred approach to services for people with dementia. Learners studying this unit will, therefore, focus on the needs of the individual rather than on the dementia. This unit draws on the Knowledge Set for Dementia, developed by Skills for Care, which provides the underpinning knowledge for those working in health and social care environments or those wishing to pursue a career in health and social care.

Teacher: Laura Mullen

Coping with Change in a Health and Social Care Context 2018-19

Learners will explore how individuals go through changes how they can cope with these, there are two assignments within this unit.

Teacher: Laura Mullen

Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care 2018-19

Health, safety and security are a priority in all health and social care (HSC) practice and this unit gives learners an understanding of key principles that underpin work in the sector. On completing the unit, learners will understand how to minimise risks to all individuals in HSC settings, be they service users, their friends and family, or employees in the setting. The unit requires a clear understanding of the language used in the context of health, safety and security. HSC workplaces are complex environments and services may be delivered in health, residential and day care settings as well as increasingly in service users’ own homes. At the end of the unit, learners should be able to foresee potential hazards and know how to make appropriate responses to minimise risks, in the context of relevant legal and local policy requirements.

Teacher: Laura Mullen