What is Unitu?

Unitu is a platform/software, which enables students to have the right opportunities to raise and discuss feedback about their modules, programmes of study and institutions in a more transparent way and in real-time. Click main title for full details.

How will Higher Education be using Unitu?

 Students are invited to raise issues and post feedback about their studies. Your student representative for your programme in your year will review the comments and if they feel there is an issue to be addressed, they escalate it to the Department. 

Unitu makes it easier for us to value your views and opinions about the course and to show how your feedback on the course has been acted on. 

Who has access to Unitu?

 All students on your programme have access to Unitu, as well as the student representatives. 

How to access your Unitu account:

 You will receive an email from Unitu this week. The email will contain an account activation link.

 Please find below two videos that are less than 2 minutes long that further explain Unitu and its benefits:  

What is Unitu?: https://youtu.be/hlzzVxJ7zzQ

How does Unitu work? https://youtu.be/rpygTdaiFSI

 Our Programme Administrators will see only comments escalated by your student reps and will review these on a weekly basis. 

 We strongly recommend that you use Unitu as a feedback channel and we look forward to hearing from you via this platform. 

 Should you have any further questions or queries, you can email Barry Spencer - barry.spencer@lsec.ac.uk or alternatively Lola Olutimehin - lola.olutimehin@lsec.ac.uk.